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  • CBD enriched flowers 2018-09-19 09:52:36 We have something new! We now carry CBD+ seeds. These seeds are specifically designed to grow CBD enriched flowers. Online and in store you can...
  • Magic seeds on display 2018-09-19 09:46:58 The Chills and Thrills store in Amsterdam now has a beautiful display of our Magicseeds. A grand poster which shows all Magic Seeds and the...
  • MagicTruffles introduces the... 2014-12-11 15:54:19 New! The MagicTruffle Grinder Everyone knows that truffles don’t taste too well and therefore chewing them well can be difficult. The...
  • MagicSeeds @ Cannabis Cup 2014 2014-11-19 08:58:18 MagicSeeds will be present at the Cannabis Cup 2014, which will be held from November 23-27 at the Radion venue in Amsterdam. Here the legendary...
  • New Chills and Thrills website 2014-05-02 12:17:06 Today, Chills and Thrills launched a brandnew website, offering you a new and improved shopping experience. Offering you an integrated shopping...
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ABOUT USmagicseeds started in 2013 as a brand new concept seeds brand, sprouted from pure dissatisfaction with the products other seeds selling companies are offering. An expensive purchase often followed by dissapointment.

Magic Seeds is part of the Procare Group, mostly known as being the world leading Magic Truffles producer.With over 20 years of growth experience in various industries, the Procare Group*) decided to start her own seed brand....Magic

The concept is simple…: let everybody do where he/she is good at.

Some are good in producing feminized seeds, some are good at producing regular seeds and others are good at marketing the various skills of all kinds of people and combine the good things, instead of pulling the load on their own.

That’s exactly how MagicSeeds.NL saw its first light of days.

MagicSeeds brings you the best of Feminized, Regular Feminine, AutoMagic and Medicinal seeds, which can be found on the market. By putting everyone’s individual efforts together, we managed to to come to the ideal concept of growing your own.

We here by introduce 30 of the most wanted species and we strive to expand this number as growers needs extend.

Therefore, we want to bring you a brand new concept, which brings you the total blooming concept of your favorite herb, with a 100% germination and blooming guarantee.