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“We proudly present:  the world’s smallest herbal growkit

MagicSeeds.nl invented a new way of growing your favourite herbs. As part of the Procare group we used our more than 20 years of experience in growing Magic Truffles for a new cause: Magic Seeds. We wanted to make the process of growing of your own seed as easily as possible, but with the best yield results.

It resulted in a revolutionary newly designed seed growkit, and three easy steps you need to follow. We claim it to be the world’s smallest growkit! Portable, but with all the tools you need.

In the box, you will find not only a glass tube containing your precious seeds, but also a small pipette containing our special Magic Juice, that will  speed up the germination of your seeds, a pair of tweezers, because we firmly believe it’s better not to touch the seeds by hand, as the human skin is covered with bacteries, oils, germs, perfume, soap and other type of pollution that might harm the growing process. Finally you will find some cottonpads in the box, in which you let your seeds to germinize after soaking them in our Magic Juice.

One little box, and you’re ready to grow! Remarkably easy to grow, if you follow the three basic principles. The basic principles are: FeedPlantGrow. Easy as one-two-three…


Soak your seeds in Magic Juice. Just cut the top off of the pipette, squeeze the pippette to pour the juice into the glass vial containing the seeds. Put the cap back on the vial, and let your seeds soak for at least 8 hours.


After soaking your seeds, let the magic begin! Take one cotton pad out of the box, leave the other one at the bottom of the box. Empty the glass vial with the seeds and the juice on the cotton pad in the box, then use the tweezers to evenly distribute your seeds on the pad, with enough space to germinate. Place the second pad on top of your seeds. Moisten your growkit slighty with water. Just moisten….not soaking!


Remove the species sticker from the lit, to let the light in and………just wait and see! After 3-5 days you can plant your germinated seeds in a pot, ready to grow into a full size plant.