Our seeds

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MagicSeeds brings you the best seeds that can be found on the market today. We withdraw our seeds from top class seeds producers, demanding only the highest quality. We want to guarantee our customers value for their money. Therefore, we only offer 100% Feminized seeds. Our Automagic seeds are 100% autoflowering.

We’ve made a selection of  30 of the most wanted species and we strive to expand this number as grower’s needs extend. Soon we will offer regulare feminine and medicinal seeds as well, the process of selecting new seeds is ongoing.

Some are good in producing feminized seeds, some are good at producing regular seeds and others are good at marketing. By putting everyone’s individual efforts together, we managed to come to the ideal concept of growing your own favorite herbs.

Handling of seeds

You want to handle your precious and valuable seeds with the utmost care. Everybody knows that you shouldn’t handle seeds with your bare hands as oily an acidc residue is permanent on the skin as well as bacteria, spores and pollen of all kinds of organisms which can influence your crop.

That is why we deliver our seeds in a special package. We like to call it the world’s smallest seed growkit.