MagicTruffles introduces the trufflegrinder

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Everyone knows that truffles don’t taste too well and therefore chewing them well can be difficult. The taste can make you retch, and this can diminish the effect of the truffles.

To solve this problem, we have developed the truffle grinder.

In a few rotations, the truffle grinder will make the truffles ready for consumption. It also divides the ground truffles into two portions, which is practical when you are sharing.

The advantages of grinding your truffles:

  • Quicker absorption into the bloodstream
  • No nausea caused by chewing
  • More pleasant consumption
  • Divided into two portions for easy sharing
  • Easy to wash down with some water
  • More effective due to less adrenaline*)


*)= retching and vomiting triggers the production of adrenaline to stay alert and fight pain. Adrenaline also diminishes the effects of psilocin.


  • Put your truffles in the grinder
  • Put on the lid and firmly press down
  • Rotate the top part and the bottom part in opposite directions
  • Continue until you have a peanut butter-like substance

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